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Advanced traffic statistics and web usage analysis

traffic statistics




Real-Time Statistics

  • Get 100's of statistics in real-time. There are no logs to read.
  • How many hits (page views and unique visitors) your web site is receiving by hour, day, week, month and year.
  • How many different people visit your site.
  • If your traffic is coming from search engines, links from other sites, or other sources.
  • What pages are frequented the most.

Historical Data

  • Historical statistics about who is visiting your web site, including the browsers they use, which operating systems they run, what countries they are in and what languages they speak.
  • What time of day people traffic your web site and when bottlenecks occur.


  • See how visitors navigate within your web site.
  • Graphical analysis of traffic trends.

Other Features

  • E-mail notification when user-defined traffic volume levels are hit.
  • Microsoft Excel (tm) spreadsheet e-mailed on-demand, with your web site data and preprogrammed charts and graphs.
  • And much more! See below for Examples!

Free Account set-up - This includes the 100's of statistics available.

Display hits by the hour, day, weeks and months.

Where did your traffic come from? Check out the search engines, key words, entry page, exit pages and more!

100's of statistics and reports available.

Traffic Tracking Pricing 

Free Account set-up - This includes the 100's of statistics plus e-mail traffic alerts. See the table below for more pricing details.
Page views per month Price per month
0 - 1,000


1,001 - 20,000


20,001 - 40,000


40,001 - 60,000


60,001 - 100,000


100,001 - 125,000


125,001 - 200,000


  • All hits over 200,000 are billed at $0.45 per 1000 hits.
  • You will be billed on the first day of every month.

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