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Themes and Screensavers Gallery
Distribution of a "Free" Desktop Theme or Screensaver can be a very cost-effective way to promote your website or remind customers to return.  Increase internet links to your site and gain additional traffic by the distribution of branded desktop theme and screensavers.  Whether based on your business for internal use and customer distribution or based on a theme your visitors will enjoy, desktop themes and screensavers can provide name recognition for your site.  We can also post and distribute these for you to increase internet links to your site, helping your search engine position.  
Bahamas Theme created for by
  Created for

Used as a promotional feature on the Bahamas Gateway site and widely distributed to internet theme sites to provide links and new visitors.  In this project the theme was designed to attract an audience interested in the subject Bahamas to the web site.  Theme included packaging with a custom install screen promoting Bahamas Gateway and website link.

Directed By: Global Millennia Marketing

Bahamas Gateway Screensaver created by Global Millennia Marketing
  Created for

In this project the screensaver was designed to appeal to a general audience, insuring wide distribution and creating a large number of internet links back to the Bahamas Gateway website.  The website address in branded in lower left corner and the user can be immediately taken to the site by clicking a single key on their keyboard.

Directed By: Global Millennia Marketing

Bahamas Beach Casino Screensaver created by Global Millennia Marketing
  Created for

This screensaver features multiple animated transitions and takes the user on a "tour" of the Casino while promoting and explaining each section.  The goal of the project was to encourage visitors to try different sections of the Casino.  Screensaver includes a website hyperlink invocation key to immediately connect the user to the website.

Directed By: Global Millennia Marketing

Golf Desktop Theme created for ParPlay Golf by Global Millennia Marketing
  Created for ParPlay Golf

Used in a newsletter promotion, on the website and distributed to attract new visitors interested in the subject of Golf.  Theme included custom install promoting the home web site.  A matching screensaver was also created. 

Directed By: Global Millennia Marketing

  Created for ParPlay Golf

The screensaver created to accompany the above theme incorporated text messages promoting the services of the ParPlay Golf site and a "hot link" to the site.  Small, animated reflective "golf ball" shapes move over several beautiful golf course images.

Directed By: Global Millennia Marketing

To discuss how branded software can help promote your website, encourage return visitors, increase visitor loyalty or create a custom environment for your workplace please contact us at

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