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Once you are taking orders from your ecommerce website, you need to be proactive with your deliveries.

Delays and incorrect shipping charges can hurt your bottom line and reputation.

One of the many powerful features of IMScart is its ability to integrate a variety of shipping options developed by the top fulfillment warehouses, shipping and postal services in the world.

  • Most shopping carts just take orders.
  • IMScart lets you take orders and ship them quickly, at known costs with the top shippers in the world.
  • Choose from our selection of fulfillment house connections or shipping modules for your favorite shippers.
  • (Separate license agreements must be signed with each shipper to access their on-line systems.)

If your fulfillment house or shipper of choice is not currently listed we can easily add them. 

IMScart® is delivered with a shipping module completely integrated. It allows shippers to base handling charges on either a flat or percentage rate.

These rates can be manually entered and cover the majority of major shippers.

  • customer database to provide order tracking, shipping addresses and other advanced features.
  • provides customized shipping based on cost, weight and more
  • customers can have multiple shipping addresses

The ability to handle more complex shipping, barcodes, address labeling, automated pick-up, etc,. can be added by requesting one or more of your preferred shippers on-line tools options.

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