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The Shopping cart module of IMScart is available to shop owners and website developers to create professional online shops point and click easy. For secure shopping cart software, IMScart is one of the world's most powerful e-commerce solutions.

Best of all there are no additional charges - no hidden monthly fees. You pay one price - and that's it.

IMScart has many standard features that improve your ability to retail online and reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment. Check out your shopping carts performance by asking it these questions:


IMScart Standard Features

Other Software

  • Bilingual (multilingual) language support,  Change languages in real-time while shopping.
  • Little support
  • Integrated Affiliate Program
  • No
  • Integrated email @ Newsletter program
  • No
  • P2P (Product to product) Up-sell linking
  • Unlikely
  • Fully customizable. Seamlessly added to your website, using your own HTML, graphics, java, JavaScript, and embedded objects.
  • Templates for store design
  • We install, customize and advise. Installation is included in the price.
  • Only use Wizards for you to create store.
  • Web based administration for updating contents and structure of store
  • Yes
  • Digital Cart Parking® (DCP) Allows customers to store shopping cart contents for up to 30 days before purchase, complete with log-on reminder and up-sell options.
  • Little or no support
  • Unlimited products and categories
  • Restrictions may apply
  • Display products in thumbnail and full size
  • Some restrictions may apply
  • Track inventory levels for all the products in your store.
  • Some restrictions may apply
  • Handles multiple currency customer database to provide order tracking
  • Some restrictions may apply
  • Built in product search facility
  • Built in product search facility
  • Customized standard shipping based on cost, weight and other advanced features. UPS Tools and other shipping modules available.
  • Limited shipping options
  • Customizable zone based tax calculation (city/state & country/region)
  • Rigid tax structures
  • Discount capabilities. Multilevel discounts by group, individual and more can be created
  • Varies by product
  • Multi-shipper capability
  • Varies by product
  • Able to display multiple prices per product 
  • Some restrictions may apply
  • Upload category, product, and store images via web browser
  • Maybe
  • Shoppers can view order status
  • Most
  • Real time display of order totals
  • Varies by product - limited
  • Customers are emailed a copy of the order with possibility of fax as well.
  • Most email, few fax.
  • Customers are notified of changes in order status (shipped, cancelled, etc)
  • Varies by product - limited
  • Create categories, products, and attributes 
  • Varies by product 
  • Associate complimentary products to give shoppers the opportunity to purchase others that are similar.
  • Varies by product - Limited
  • Create an up-sale process when shoppers meet pre-defined criteria such as purchasing specific products, or exceeding specified dollar amounts.
  • Varies by product - Limited
  • Pricing groups can be used in combination with select shopper availability groups to qualify them for discounts on any or all products in the store.
  • Little support
  • Complete sales, product, and customer reporting.
  • Varies by product 
  • Built in Newsletter program allowing you to send newsletter to all your customers.
  • Varies by product - limited
  • Multiple Import facilities provides easy upgrade from current shopping cart to powerful IMScart®  system. 
  • Varies by product 
  • Customer information is stored in database
  • Many use proprietary database we us MYSQL
  • Shopping cart allows users to edit their personal information on file.
  • Varies by product - limited
  • Shopping cart allows user to browse a history of their previous orders.
  • Varies by product

All of the above features plus the Wholesaler and B2B Options differentiate IMScart from the average on-line catalog and shopping cart set-up.

The nature of IMScart® enables us to easily create new features and functionality as required by clients merchandising requirements

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