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 More than ever, your potential customers are using the web to make reservations of your rental property / equipment, such as; cars, boats, properties, equipment, etc.

The IMS Rental Desk module is a highly advanced, inexpensive yet easy to use, Internet Rental Software for Property & Equipment for Independent Rental companies, such as:

  • Car, Bus, Small Aircraft

  • Boat, Canoe, Kayak rentals

  • Bicycle, Mopeds, Motor Cycles

  • Condos, Villas, Cottages

  • Computers, Machinery, etc.

Itís now time to take the next step and offer real-time bookings. Our IMS Rental Desk module provides all the needed resources to accomplish this using your web site to book your rental property / equipment all under your control.

In fact anything you wish to rent via online bookings can be set-up with our Rental module added to either our IMScart eCommerce software, or the IMS Voyager Hotel Reservation Software, plus the Multi-Hotel Reservation Software, Tour Desk Booking & Patron Ticketing Software and can be easily integrated into any ecommerce website.

For Example, Car Rentals: This add-on module allows an independent auto-rental firm to implement an online reservation system through their website without significant investment in a large, complex tailored system. Rental Software, Car Rental Software, Boat Rental Software, Ecommerce Equipment Rental Software

It reduces time spent on managing inventory and responding to inquiries that do not result in sales.

Customers are able to check available inventory and complete a booking online making the reservation process more efficient and less time consuming to both parties.

Rental Software, Car Rental Software, Boat Rental Software, Ecommerce Equipment Rental Software The IMS Rental Desk module can be added to all of our existing systems, IMScart eCommerce, IMS Voyager or Voyager Tour Desk.

Give your customers a superior shopping experience with all the features of the big online rental agencies at a fraction of the price.

Call for your FREE e-Commerce consultation.  Toll-Free: 1-800-229-7972

or Contact us by clicking here now for more details!  


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