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Three broad components make up the promotion of a digital identity: online marketing, offline marketing integration, and information technology.
  • Online marketing consists of search engines, banners, email, affiliates, wireless, interstitials, sponsorships, and the direct advertising side of distributing the identity to online media.
  • Offline marketing refers to traditional outdoor, TV, and print, with a focus on strong integration of online with calls to action, such as URLs or other hooks to digital environments.
  • Information technology represents your company's web site, online customer service, collaborative filtering, personalization, and any part of the web site that creates an impression or offers information to the end user.

Integrating these three elements is key to building a sustainable and effective digital identity.

All of these elements work in conjunction with one another and share a similar tone and personality, with cohesive messaging and high-quality content throughout every contact with the customer.

Have you considered adding a Bulletin Board to your site. Discover the benefits of how OpenTopic™ or the Ultimate Bulletin Board™ can create substantial value for your business.

While we offer both online and offline services directly to our clients, we are available to partner with other agencies in a variety of roles to further support their client base.

All of these services require us to evaluate your site and discuss your objectives prior to implementing a campaign.  

Meta Tag Analysis
Analysis of your web site's Meta tags, Titles and Keywords. Includes preparation of a doorway page.

META tags are HTML code used in the HEADER section of an HTML document to provide information to programs that work in the background of the internet, spiders and robots for example.  Many search engines employ robots and spiders to examine web pages. META tags provide information without the robot having to load a complete document and without a human reading the page.

Web Site Analysis
Analysis of 16 key points and recommendations to insure that your site is optimized for best performance and search engine positioning.
  • Testing of your site's position in major search engine results.
  • Page load times.
  • Page titles and META tags.
  • Description and Keyword META tags.
  • Testing with multiple browsers and browser versions.
  • Applicability of all graphics.
  • Graphics bubble-tags.
  • Content applicability.
  • Content proof reading with edit recommendations.
  • Test for broken or misdirected hyperlinks and bookmarks.
  • Testing of all external web site links and relevance of all external web site links.
  • All forms are completed and submitted for testing.
  • All e-mail accounts are tested.
  • Testing for security where credit card information is entered.
  • Shopping cart testing, if applicable.
  • Site search testing with recommendations.
Search Engine Submission
Submitting your web pages to search engines and directories requires more than simple URL registration. Global Millennia Marketing submits your web URLs to more than 1,800+ different  search engines, directories, indexes, yellow pages, what's new sites, cool sites, regional engines and links lists and directories.

Here are a few important points that we consider:

  • Optimized usage of titles, descriptions and other HTML components.
  • Manual selection of categories in directories.
  • Keywords selected according to web and page content.
  • Competitive keywords ranking.
  • Positioning tools and sites.

You will receive a comprehensive evaluation alerting you to possible problems that may affect search engine rankings along with possible solutions to these problems. As well as expert advice on how to optimize your site for the best possible chances of a #1 ranking.

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Advertising banners are the best way of getting your site seen on the Internet.

Colour, concepts and animation are all crucial elements in getting a banner that works. The most popular banners are often not what you might expect.

Brash, in your face banners are losing ground to a more ingenious approach that is needed - one that entices, not shouts.

Banner requires Flash Plug in to view

We can provide banners that work, either in Flash or animated gif's using unique original artwork produced just for your message.

For more banner examples click here.

Opt In E-mail
Send your message to people who want to receive it! We use targeted "Opt-In" Email lists rented from a variety of reputable list services. We can handle the complete project from providing copy, artwork selection and sending. Target by city, state, interests, hobbies, and much more. Get results! Ask for a quote today.
Press Releases
Maximize your promotion opportunities with a press release announcing your site or product.  There is an art to writing a new product release so that it will stand out from the 2,000 to 3,000 similar releases received every month by trade magazine editors.

We prepare new product releases that follow conventional formats expected by industrial magazines, and contain the type and quality of information needed by editors.

We write the release so that it attracts an editor's attention, and explains to them quickly and succinctly why the product is important to the magazine readers.

We can prepare an entire press kit with multiple releases, backgrounders, biographies, and letter from the company president, etc. Typically a Double-spaced news release is $250(1p) $400(2p), a New Product Release 2-3 pages double-spaced is $400.

Once we receive your product information we will be in contact to interview the appropriate contacts for further detail and develop a style and approach for your product and marketplace.

Apart from writing Press Releases we offer professional writing services, such as, copy writing, editing and proof reading your; web pages; technical booklets; newsletters; business proposals; reports or other writing projects.  Contact Us for details.
Branded Software Distribution
Increase internet links to your site and gain additional traffic by the distribution of branded desktop theme and screensavers.  Whether based on your business for internal use and customer distribution or based on a theme your visitors will enjoy, desktop themes and screensavers can provide name recognition for your site.  We can also post and distribute these for you to increase internet links to your site, helping your search engine position.  

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Tips that will save you money!
  • Your first web site should be a modest one with emphasis on your core business services or products.
    If it's successful, then you expand.
  • Have your web address on all your literature: business cards, stationary, print ads, posters, etc.
  • Make sure your front line staff knows your web site address and is pushing it to customers.
  • Tell all your current customers about your web site. Many of them will visit. You would be surprised at how many of them will learn more about your business from your web site than from all the time they have done business with you.
  • Make sure your sales staff has seen your site and knows what's on it.
  • When you correspond with potential clients, mention your web site address and tell them that full details about your services can be obtained online.


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