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The Internet has created an ideal medium for direct-to-consumer distribution with an increasingly growing number of online travelers booking their business travel online. Yet, travel suppliers in the other travel sectors are well ahead of hoteliers in aggressively adopting online distribution.

With over 192 million North Americans being active Internet users (Nielsen) and 40 million of them have already purchased travel online. As such, the Internet offers vast, interactive, rich media and most importantly, growing distribution market. It can provide your hotel or tour business  with long-term competitive advantages and lessens your dependence on intermediaries, discounters and traditional channels about to become obsolete.

Marketing is a critical and complex business operation with the simple goal to maximize revenue and sustain operations. With such a broad goal, marketing integrates an array of business processes, technologies and strategies.

The Internet is one of the many tools that can be applied to marketing. Increasingly businesses are incorporating the Internet into their business-to-business marketing strategies.

Expectations for marketing via the Internet can range from modest goals of increasing sales leads to those of revolutionizing your business-customer interactions.

Planning an Internet strategy is vital to using the medium successfully.

It includes not only a well directed review of available technologies and tactics specific to the medium, but a calculated blending of Internet marketing with traditional marketing strategies. 

Without integrating Internet marketing you’re your traditional marketing strategies, you can lose focus of your primary goals, become disorganized, and fail to capitalize on time-sensitive opportunities as well as mismanage resources.

We provide small and medium sized companies successful strategies and tactics to achieve sales goals and market effectively on the internet. 

  • The integrated IMScart eAffiliate engine further expands your marketing opportunities on-line and allows you to build a complete affiliate program based on Pay per Sale for your IMScart online retailing solution.
  • Built in Newsletter program allowing you to send newsletter to all your customers.  The E-marketing section provides an interactive tool for building customer relations via email/newsletters. The Newsletters can be sent to addresses collected in the integrated customer database.
  • We can also provide a variety of html email design and email production services to meet your email publishing and email marketing needs.

We can provide you with a variety of services to help your business do more business via the Internet.

Benefit from our assistance in improving online customer retention and reinventing customer relationships; assisting e-corporations in identifying eBusiness goals; evaluating new online channels to gain market share; developing marketing plans for the online business and writing effective Web site content for e-corporations.

We can provide solutions that help hotels, retailers and other travel industry suppliers maximize net revenue from their electronic distribution channels.

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