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Pharmacart is a special order. - Visit
It is ONLY available through IMS exclusive reseller Innerconx Inc.

If you want to sell pharmaceuticals online, you should be using IMS Pharmacart®. Why spend thousands developing something new when you have a purpose built, available now solution that includes a database of the most popular online drug as standard?

With its powerful browser based storefront and administration you can manage your pharmaceutical online eBusiness from any computer connected to the Internet! From your home, at work or on vacation.

  • IMS Pharmacart® is designed to simplify the process of organizing, building and maintaining an electronic pharmacy storefront on the Web.
  • Includes the most popular online drug database as standard. Just add your prices.
  • Customizable patient prescription and record forms are available plus integration of your forms during installation.
  • Allows your customers to discreetly and confidentially order their prescriptions from the privacy and comfort of their own home.
  • Incorporates flexible technology infrastructure to allow for rapid response to change.
  • Customer-centric fulfillment and channel management with enhanced individual customer pricing.
  • Technology for establishing channel management strategies
  • Establish individual or micro-level pricing for groups of customers.
  • Dynamically driven website that is easy to administer.
  • Easy web content management that enables anyone to update and manage their online storefront with ease
  • Automated customer ordering reducing call volume and increasing total customer service
  • Configurable products, cross-sell and up-sell, offer promotions, and redeem coupons

With IMSPharmacart® not only can prescriptions be renewed online for delivery or pick-up but also your action forms can be filled in online allowing pharmacists to help them talk to patients about symptoms they might be experiencing, or problems with their medication.

So, give your customers a superior shopping experience with all the features of the big expensive online drug stores at a fraction of the price.

Pharmacart is a special order. - Visit

Due to its flexibility and standard array of features we need to discuss how you wish to implement, which options to configure and take care of any special requirements you may have.

It is only available through our exclusive reseller Innerconx Inc.

Innerconx was formed and incorporated in 1997 and is in good standing with the State of Florida Division of Corporations. They are a Web Development and Hosting company selling space on shared servers as well as semi dedicated and dedicated servers.

They have, and are developing sites for companies like Motorola (International Elite Partners), Coca Cola (both Nationally and Internationally), FedEx (Latin American Partners), Cinema Channel. and many other large and small businesses as far west as San Jose California, as far north as Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. They are also active in South and Central Florida and Georgia and Virginia.

They specialize is very personalized services and most if not all of their designs are original, as they do not use any one else's templates etc.

Pharmacart is a special order. - Visit


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