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OUR ACCOUNT CLIENTS - PAY YOUR INVOICES WITH PAYPAL... To provide even greater security and convenience for our customers, we have arranged to accept payments and orders via the PayPal free online payment system. This allows payments to be made securely online and charged to either your credit card or your bank account, with no fees or commissions.

Payments can be made in U.S. Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros, Pounds Sterling, and Yen. Please click on "Foreign Currency Information" for currency conversion details.

To pay any outstanding Global Millennia Marketing Invoice online for any of the groups services, please click on the PayPal Logo below to use PayPal's online payment system. You may still pay by account or check and money order by arrangement.

Please enter the Invoice number and your company name and email address in the note field.




Global Millennia Marketing uses (PayPal) as our secure transaction agent for purchases made by MasterCard or Visa users for the purchase of our services by using PayPal buttons. The PayPal buttons on our web site are linked directly to a secure server at PayPal. PayPal is a service that allows Internet users to make purchases through PayPal using an individuals charge cards**. 

PayPal does NOT charge you anything for the use of their system, nor is there any membership fee for their service. You will need to provide your personal information and purchasing details to PayPal only once***. Global Millennia Marketing is responsible to PayPal for any fees that might be charged for a transaction. The transaction made to purchase Global Millennia Marketing services will be used by PayPal and no personal charge card information will be accessed or retained by Global Millennia Marketing. The charge relationship is with PayPal and as such, that firm will be the only party to retain your charge card information as a part of your membership in their system for purchasing purposes. A customers personal name, address and shipping instructions will be retained by Global Millennia Marketing for use in shipping and as specified in our privacy policy. Any further clarification needed about Privacy and Transaction policy should be directed to " ".

*Any purchases from outside vendors accessed through a link from Global Millennia Marketing are not covered by this transaction policy. Purchasers are advised to check the outside vendor purchasing policy separately.

**If you are already a member of PayPal you will not be required to furnish additional information other than your member email address and password.

***You will also be able to just enter your email address and password to PayPal service to have funds transferred to other individuals or businesses. Once you are a member of PayPal you may use their services to pay any number of things all over the Internet. PayPal membership is a valuable Internet service and you should enjoy the systems benefits.

Sign Up for PayPal Merchant Account by Clicking on Logo Below!

Send money instantly and securely with your credit card or checking account.


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