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IMS Online Restaurant Software 'FoodCourt' provides restaurants with a revolutionary system that allows your customers to order from an online menu for prepaid pickup or delivery or integrated with our hotel module, allows your guests to order room service online and much more. Online Restaurant Software Screen shot

Restaurants or hotel restaurant websites using IMS Online Restaurant Software 'FoodCourt', can offer delivery to the customers’ door or pickup service to provide increased profits and broader exposure to an entirely new segment of customers for your restaurant.

Ordering pickup, catering and delivery could not be any easier! With the click of a mouse, customers can order food, gift certificates, and merchandise directly from your restaurant's website menu. Orders can be sent to a fax machine or to an email account.

Our Online Restaurant Software 'FoodCourt' can be used in conjunction with your existing or new online restaurant website.

Customers have a complete list of your entire online restaurant menu that's only a mouse-click away!

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