Logo Design FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Logo Design


What do you charge for logo design?

Our standard Logo design charge is $249.00 US. We can also produce a complete range of logos design to brand your identity across all your assets such as stores, cars, buses, aircraft, billboards and other signage. Depending on the type of logo, the number of colors and other factors, these are quoted by project and may include an hourly charge of $50 per hour.

What is the logo design process?

Your logo is important and you need to be involved in the design process from the beginning. We will communicate with each other by email and telephone as to your initial requirements for a logo design.

Should you require a project quotation we will discuss and reach an understanding as to the scope of the work necessary to design your logo. At that time, the price and estimated hours involved for completing the project will be delivered in writing. 

Upon receipt of one-half the amount due, which is non-refundable, we commence work and will deliver a minimum of two conceptual designs for consideration.

How many logo samples will you make?

As a rule, we deliver two conceptual designs for your consideration.

What format is the logo delivered in?

We can and will deliver the logo in whatever size and format or formats that may be required for the type of logo designed. 

What's the difference between a print logo and a web logo?

Preparation for printing requires higher resolution and cleaner colors than preparation for web design. We deliver in .tiff, .gif, .jpg, and color separations.

Files for printing are usually larger in size and often require copying to a disk in the interest of saving time and bandwidth. We provide that service at no extra charge.

What should I know when deciding on a logo design?

Think of words which you would use to describe your business, these are often the best clues to how to design a logo. Where the logo is displayed and how it is used makes a difference, so it's important to think about how you intend to use it.

We also discuss your company, its aims and objectives, marketing demographic and your competition. The simplest element about a logo, from font face to color to whether to include a graphic or symbol, should be given careful attention and consideration; after all, this will represent your company.

Who owns the copyright on the logo design?

Global Logo Designs owns the copyright until the logo design fees are paid in full, then we will transfer ownership of the logo's copyrights to you the client.

What if I decide to cancel the job?

If the job is cancelled prior to selection of an initial conceptual design by the client, the non-refundable deposit will be retained by GMM and no further payment is required.

If the project is cancelled by the client after completion, a cancellation fee of 50% of the balance due will be assessed. No artwork or design is released to the client until a project is paid in full, so we will retain the artwork and copyrights.

What other design services can I integrate with the logo?

A full list of services offered by the Global group can be found by visiting our group websites in About Us Very often we offer discounts when contracted for more than one of our services.

Payment in full at discounted service price is required of GLD Resellers. If the job is cancelled after design process initiated the non-refundable discounted payment will be retained by GMM.

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