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IMS Tour Desk Voyager Tour Reservation Desk is an Internet system which looks after bookings for tour operators. These tours might be displayed in 15 minute increments or they could be overnight or week long or more.  IMScart Tour Reservation module is designed to handle it!

It can look after simple one class tours or you can set up sophisticated classes of accommodation and define the price and number of occupants they hold. The user displays show the occupancy in both a graphical and numerical forms. Your Reservations staff will love it!

IMScart Tour Reservation Desk is an online web reservation system and can be used in a Hotel, Kiosk or Reservations centre or any other site with Internet access. 

For your clients this system features: quick rooms booking, registering on the site, obtaining discounts, and credit card payment.

You do not have to close out tours or adjust availability since everything is real-time with your IMScart Master-Tour database. If there is one tour left, it can be booked by either the tour staff or using the IMScart Tour Reservation Desk System. The system checks and maintains availability for you, automatically. No User or Manager Intervention since credit cards are automatically checked and charged.

The applications is configurable to your specific requirements making it easy to use and to obtain fast, accurate, up-to-the minute information for your hotel.

Tour Features

  • Multilingual Tour reservation software
  • Before making a booking view Tours marketing materials, including text and pictures
  • Inquire on availability and prices for specific dates
  • create categories and sub categories of tours
  • add tour types and destination points
  • set options such as season start/end tour start time and length of tour, availability by day
  • create standard tours or:
  • set attributes for tours and create multiple tours based on standard tours with individual pricing
  • set pricing based on buyer group (regular, best clients, travel agent, etc)

Site users are presented with a number of features when booking on-line:

  • Various methods of payment, either online or offline
  • Verify the booking with a "secure" transaction by credit card
  • Auto-generated confirmation e-mails, with reservation numbers, from hotel to guest and from guest to hotel
  • Corporate rates, accessible to your Corporate Clients with user name and password
  • Wholesale contract rates, accessible to your wholesale tour operators and travel agents with user name and password

This application also offers the Tour Desk Staff a number of features for easy data entry:

  • Tour rates and allocations are controlled by the Tour Operator, 24 hours per day
  • Staff have the ability to view an Activity Log
  • Statistics including the number of availability checks, total room nights booked and total revenue
  • Storage of confidential e-mail addresses
  • They can also book guests on-line, modify Tour selections
  • Modify the Tour conditions and services.


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