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Many Order Fulfillment services can now be accessed directly from IMScart.

Create and manage your orders, inventory, shipments and credit card payments and obtain reports on returns, receiving, orders and inventory levels without human intervention. Now includes real-time services including inventory level queries, order submissions, order status requests, tracking number requests and more.

Gives you secure access to your "virtual warehouse" from anywhere on the Internet. You can manage your pending orders, get order information, view inventory levels, review receiving histories, configure alerts, schedule reports and check on returns. Everything you need to know or do is accessible via this convenient interface.

Provides the means for you to choose, customize and schedule delivery of reports via email or FTP in a convenient, compatible format that you can view or import into any spreadsheet or database application on any platform.

Report formats and columns are customizable by you - if our canned report definitions do not meet your needs, we can easily create custom reports on demand. All data we hold regarding your customers, inventory, orders and shipments is available to you in real time.

  • Of dissatisfied customers, 98% will never complain-they will just leave.
  • Fortune Magazine says that 85% of dissatisfied customers tell 9 people, while 13% tell 20 people.
  • In the next six years, 80% of your customers will leave you., 65% due to something you did.
  • 75% of the reasons customers leave a company has nothing to do with the product.
  • The average catalog company retains 60% of its customers per year.
  • Retention: The longer a customer stays with you, the more profit you make.
  • A 5% retention rate will increase profits from 25%-55%.
  • However, a satisfied customer tells 5 people (Fortune).

Utilize Fulfillment as a:

  • Customer Retention Contributor
  • Profit Generator
  • Strategic Competitive Weapon
  • Use the power of IMScart for your order fulfillment connections.

If you don't think that fulfillment, customer care and supply chain execution are important, think again! Fulfillment matters. Here are some interesting statistics:

Most shopping carts just take orders. IMScart lets you take orders and ship them quickly, at known costs with the top shippers in the world.

Choose from our selection of fulfillment house connections or shipping modules for your favorite shippers. (Separate license agreements must be signed with each shipper or fulfillment house to access their on-line systems.)

If your fulfillment house or shipper of choice is not currently listed we can easily add them. 

Call for your FREE e-Commerce consultation.  Toll-Free: 1-800-229-7972

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