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All IMScart software contains a built in Newsletter program allowing you to send newsletter to all your customers.  It provides an interactive tool for building customer relations via email/newsletters. Your Newsletters can then be sent to addresses collected in the integrated customer database.

We can also provide a variety of html email design and email production services to meet your email publishing and email marketing needs.

HTML Email Design Features:

  • Email newsletter production services.
  • Email template creation allowing you to add your own content.
  • Save $$'s by using a proven marketing method.
  • Cost effective solution for marketing your products and services.
  • Attract new worldwide customers in seconds.
  • HTML Emails can contain links to your website.
  • All email designs meet the current W3W specifications.
  • The email design is optimized for fast download.
  • Inform present and new customers of your products.
  • Created in plain text or html.
  • Complements your current company profile.
  • Dramatically increase sales by taking your products direct to potential customers.
  • Full color design to your specifications.
  • Emails can be linked to your database backend for automated systems.

A professional HTML email design service to compliment your business products. If you have a client list and they contain customer email addresses, why not capitalize on them by informing your customers about your products and special offers.

If you would like to know more about how Global Millennia Marketing can assist your organization in developing new strategies, solutions and projects please.

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