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A Merchandising System Built on Internet Technology

Making sure your customers get the right products, at the right place, on time and intact is a critical part of their overall satisfaction. As is making sure their questions and issues are addressed before, during and after an order is placed and delivered. How you handle these situations determines whether you win a customer for life. Or push them in the direction of your competitors.

Let IMS HERMES Merchandising Gateway® and ChannelPartner® leverage your core competencies-problem solving, efficiency building, cost reduction and customer service to deliver high impact results for your business. Contact us today to speak with a professional consultant about the challenges you are facing and how we can integrate IMS HERMES Merchandising Gateway® and ChannelPartner® online e-commerce and supply chain management solutions to work for you.

Recognizing that each client is different, IMS HERMES Merchandising Gateway® and ChannelPartner® current fulfillment partner connectivity, shipping modules and other powerful ecommerce features are tailored to meet your needs and objectives. No cookie-cutter answers. No fill-in-the-blank remedies. Just solid cost effective integration and implementation designed to deliver a customized, high-impact solution for your business.

Work with our Professional Consulting Services Group and gain a true partner committed to seeing your business grow.

IMS HERMES Merchandising Gateway® and ChannelPartner® is a one-stop shop of connecting modules for the entire online e-commerce process, particularly for companies with unusual needs or specific requests that can't be met by the typical rigidly structured e-commerce packages that are currently available.

The Looks ShopDesigned for small to large-scale, business-to-business and business-to-consumer transactions, IMS HERMES Merchandising Gateway® and ChannelPartner® supports multiple catalogs, product lines, as well as an unlimited number of catalog items, resellers, departments and divisions.

If you want to introduce new products and business programs online without making substantial investments in technology, facilities, personnel and development time contact us now.

Call for your FREE e-Commerce consultation.  Toll-Free: 1-877-827

or Contact us by clicking here now for more details!  


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