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IMScart® Inventory & Product Databases

Powerful inventory control and product description features, category management and dual language databases are standard and included in the basic system.
  • Web based administration for updating contents and structure of inventory and store

  • Digital Cart Parking® (DCP) Allows customers to store shopping cart contents for up to 30 days before purchase, complete with log-on reminder and up-sell options.
  • Unlimited products and categories

  • Display products in thumbnail and full size

  • Track inventory levels for all the products in your store.

  • Handles multiple currency customer database to provide order tracking

  • Built in product search facility

  • Customized standard shipping based on cost, weight and other advanced features. UPS Tools and other shipping modules available.

  • Customizable zone based tax calculation (city/state & country/region)

  • Discount capabilities. Multilevel discounts by group, individual and more can be created

  • Multi-shippers

  • Able to display multiple prices per product 

  • Upload category, product, and store images via web browser
  • Shoppers can view order status
  • Real time display of order totals
  • Customers are emailed a copy of the order
  • Customers are notified of changes in order status (shipped, cancelled, etc)
  • Create categories, products, and attributes within IMScart. Attributes can be assigned to identify your products' characteristics more accurately to your customers.

  • Complete sales, product, and customer reporting.

  • Complete with Secure Socket Layers and digital IDs (for security)

  • Multiple Import facilities provides easy upgrade from current shopping cart to powerful IMScart®  system. 

  • Compatible with framesets.

  • Customization available

Customer Login Support 

  • Customer information is stored in database:
    After the first order the shopping cart does not require customer to re-enter their information at subsequent orders.
  • The shopping cart allows users to edit their personal information on file.
  • Orders history:
    The shopping cart allows user to browse a history of their previous orders.

The flexible nature of IMScart® allows it to be seamlessly integrated with many of the leading providers of secure payment gateways, supports most major shipper API's and shipping tools and can be installed on a wide variety of platforms.


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