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IMScart IPOS Inventory Management
Flexible and Powerful Features

Everything you need to run your business more efficiently

Optimize Your Inventory

IMScart's add-on inventory management module let you control your inventory down to the smallest item.

Use IMScart to lower your inventory based on real demand and keep more of your top items on hand - no more overstocking in products that don't sell.

  • Inventory adjustments, reaveraging, and forecasting.
  • Inventory cycle counts.
  • Min-max reorder quantities
  • Kitting tracking (for combined products).
  • POS inventory tracking - reduce your inventory as items are sold.
  • Category management
  • Integration across stores and warehouses.
  • Fast and customizable searching.
  • View price changes.
  • Manage inventory product-by-product, and dealer store-by-store.

Specialized Reporting - IMScart's easy-to-use reports and graphs using MS-Excel are a key feature for all our customers. With the strategic knowledge IMScart provides you can capture a complete picture of your on-line business for sales, inventory, and accounting directly from IMScart.

Discover your top sales item, inventory turns, daily sales, and much more.

Purchasing - IMScart's powerful forecasting tools take the work (and the guesswork) out of purchasing. With the ability to view previous sales, you have the information you need to make accurate, well-planned buying decisions.

  • Create auto-purchase orders.
  • Min-max ordering

Customer History and Buying Patterns - View buying patterns and sales history, capture valuable marketing information, and focus your efforts on different customer groups for mail-outs. IMScart builds a purchase history for every customer.

Item Management - IMScart's item management holds extensive information about every item in your store -- and lets you control this information from one central place, for maximum efficiency. You can manage pricing, vendors, multiple prices for different customer types, different units of measure, audit files on an item, and much more.

  • Sell and order multiple units of measure.
  • Serialized items.
  • Multiple suppliers & price levels.
  • Add-ons and substitutions.
  • Item matrix / grid.
  • Full audit trail.

Accounting Integration - IMScart exports CSV data to Excel and many accounting programs.


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