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The latest eBusiness technology allows manufacturers to avoid recent pressures to sell direct. This technology, called eB-Link, was developed by Internet Merchandising Systems Inc., as a major new component of their IMScart eCommerce package. It allows manufacturers to take advantage of the Web, not by selling from their own websites but by empowering their existing dealers/distributors' websites.

Used in conjunction with IMS HERMES Merchandising Gateway and ChannelPartner, it creates unique dealer websites with customized catalogs and designs. This solution uses a transparent ordering system to automate transactions between dealers and end users.

  • The benefit to manufacturers is the increased marketing presence on multiple dealer websites
  • The benefit to distributors is the customized eCommerce solution and manufacturer online support
  • The benefit to consumers is the value of ordering directly from the manufacturer while maintaining the personalized relationships with their local dealers.

This technology automatically translates the unique 'look and feel' of each dealer website into an online catalog, where customers' orders are transparently processed and fulfilled directly from the manufacturer's back-end system. This solution presents the best of both worlds, a way for manufacturers to capture the efficiencies of direct eCommerce while maintaining dealer loyalty, and an inexpensive way for dealers to add the value of eCommerce to their customer experience without jeopardizing the customer relationship.

The eB-Link technology creates the transparency of each dealer page so the customer never realizes they are being seamlessly transported to the manufacturer's site. For example, when a customer visits their local dealer's website and clicks on the product catalog, what they are really seeing is a customized subset of the manufacturer's inventory. After the customer places the order, their order is produced or pulled from the manufacturer's inventory, boxed and shipped directly to the customer, complete with the dealer's shipping address on the return label.

This gives each dealer a hands-off eCommerce solution which protects their customer relationships and frees up time for them to acquire new customers. It also gives the manufacturer the marketing power to promote its products on multiple dealer websites from a single foundation.


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