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Hotel Reservation Software makes accepting secure, accurate online reservations easy with IMScart Voyager.

It provides hotels, property owners, tour operators and travel portal websites with a simple, yet powerful way to sell rooms, tours and even gifts online.

The following are some of the IMScart features and services that help you make that happen.

Installation & Setup
- 10 (ten) hours of telephone and email training and support are included in your purchase
- Includes installation and configuration of the application files
- Seamless integration, Uses your look & feel
- Single or batch picture uploads
- No plug-ins / programming
- Browser based administration
- Complete Internet reservation system
- Sell unlimited rooms
- Toll free tech support & help desk
- Upload category, product, and store images via web browser
Customization available





Merchandising / Inventory
- Track room inventory levels for all rooms
- Related products and cross selling
- One click featured products
- Coupon codes, gift certificates
- Inventory control
- Variants w/optional surcharges
- option to update only particular rooms, blocks of rooms
- set default prices for rooms
- Set quantity discounts
- Set wholesale pricing
- edit individual nights for pricing, availability
- Built-in Newsletter
- Shoppers can join newsletter - Keep everyone on your mailing list informed!
- Upselling abilities
- properties apply to all rooms and show up as options to the user
Payment Options
- Can be seamlessly integrated with any of the leading providers of secure payment gateways
- Accept real-time credit cards
- Verisign
- Psigate
- World Pay
- Bluepay
- Surepay
- iTransact
- Moneris
- PayPal
- Many others (contact us)
- Offline credit card processing
- Accept payment in any currency
- Checks, phone orders, and P.O.
- Create your own payment options


Hosting & Databases
- You host at the ISP of your choice
- Requires PHP version 4.1 or better
- MySQL version 3.23 or better
- Basic Software requires 8 Mb of disk space
- Is supported by most servers, Linux, Microsoft, Unix, etc.
- Currently multilingual language support, English, French and Spanish descriptive databases & admin.
- Change languages in real-time while shopping
- Secure your customers data via a password protected database
- language of your choice for administration
Taxes & Gift Shop Shipping
- The Taxes section allows you to collect, or not collect tax, based on location and set the rate (percent %) for each.
- Customizable zone based tax calculation (city/state & country/region)
- Numerous shipping calculation options including flat rate options
- UPS® Tools shipping and fulfillment features
- USPS® Shipping rates connect
- Tax calculation (state or county)
- Add handling charges
- Ship by price, weight or dimensions
- Full international shipping
- Restrict shipping by location
- Multi-shippers
- Create tax & shipping options.
- Customized standard shipping based on cost, weight and other advanced features.
- Real time display of tax and shipping on cart selections
- Offer free shipping


Integrated Power Modules
These links below will take you to 
- Integrated Automated Affiliate Module
- Newsletter and e-Mail Mailing Module.
- Complete gift shop eCommerce & storefront incl.
- Convert the undecided shopper with Digital Cart Parking® complete with log-on reminder.
- Generate new sales with Related Product Linking (Up-Selling)
- Integrated Coupon & Discount Engine.
- Rental Software Module
- OR with IMS eEnterprise also
- Automated Reseller module
- Gift Bags, client can select products, write note and ship to 2nd shipping address
- IMSChannelPartner® Partner Relationship Management (PRM)
- Distributed channel sales with IMS DistribuLinx®.
Design and Layout
- Fully customizable design
- Easily integrated into any existing websites look and feel.
- Uses your existing .CSS style sheets.
- Use your own HTML, graphics, java, JavaScript, and embedded objects.
- Add shopping carts to existing sites
- Unlimited main / sub categories
- Browse by price, mfg, category
- Integrated store search
- Customizable product display
- Thumbnails and large image views
- Customizable checkout
Options Generator


Customer Service
- All orders stored in your database
- Check Order Status, Live order tracking
- Customers can view order history
- Real-time order and item tracking included
- Automated confirmation emails
- Automated emails – PHP mail supported or set other SMPT host.
- Discounts and loyalty programs
- Express checkout
- Newsletter management
- Affiliate programs
- Password restricted dealer entry
- Password entry for pricing levels
- Password-protected administrative access
- offers the Hotel Staff a number of features for easy data entry
- IMScart can take full advantage of SSL encryption
Hotel Front Desk
- Unlimited Products
- Unlimited Categories
- Web based administration for updating contents and structure of hotel
- Display products in thumbnail and full size
- Automated browse-mode thumbnails - When customers are browsing your catalog by category, show a little thumbnail image of the product for quick visual reference?
- Sale Item & Discount Percentage (%).
- Affiliate program, Edit, check, modify, pay, etc affiliates.
- Set up banners, text messages and logos your affiliates will use, etc.
- Organize your business with unlimited products and categories
- establish product group hierarchies.
- Set global properties, that don't affect price, for all hotels to give customers multiple choices. (ex: "Smoking / Non Smoking", "Single Bed / Double / King")


Customer Ease of Use
- All customer's data is stored in database
- Pre-filled Customer Info: If your customer is returning, then the cart will automatically fill out all their Billing & Shipping info for them!
- Orders history - The shopping cart allows user to browse a history of their previous orders
- Shoppers can view order status
- Before making a booking view property's marketing materials, including text and pictures
- Inquire on availability and prices for specific dates
- Registered customers can be offered discounts
- Registered customers do not have to enter their data again
- Real time display of order totals
- The cart information is gathered from form fields and stored in the database as a session/cookie.
Multi-Tiered Pricing
- Able to display multiple prices per room, depending on shopper group of logged in shopper
-  Able to assign customer groups with differentiated pricing.
- set different prices, attributes for each item based on one product
- Multilevel discounts by group, by individual and more can be created
- Multi-level discount levels, dealer / travel agent pricing
- set pricing based on buyer group (regular, best clients, travel agent, etc)
- Reach wholesale and retail customers with different pricing and product options
- Password protected wholesale customer area
- Corporate rates, accessible to your Corporate Clients with user name and password


Built-in Search Engine
- Give your customers the added benefit of finding the product they want without having to navigate or browse your entire catalog!
- Search the entire database for matches by name, descriptive text, SKU, etc.
- Search by category and sub-category - use links to narrow down search, choose product for detail page
- Customers can browse your products by category, search by keyword
Product Management
- view inventory (if enabled)
- automatically keeps track of how many rooms or items you have in inventory
- enter SKU, an outside URL if desired, category
- set discounts, on special, display order, publish or not
- attributes apply to products and show up as options to the user
- name, short description, long description for each active language
- properties apply to categories and show up as options to the user
- upload category, product images and room images, thumbnail for browse page, full image for detail page via web browser



With IMScart Voyager your visitors will enjoy the convenience of a one-stop availability, instant purchase and auto-generated email confirmation.

Your sale is closed immediately without time-consuming emails and faxes between guests and your reservations staff.

Our team of experts can also customize the reservation system by developing and customizing an online booking engine just for your website.

Call for your FREE e-Commerce consultation.
Toll-Free: 1-800-229-7972

or Contact us by clicking here now for more details!  


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