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Create merchandising solutions, online catalogs, sales carts that feature your complete inventory and showcase key items. Provide the ultimate in shopping convenience, including credit card order processing, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Reduce overhead costs. And open your business to a global market.

We can offer expert guidance via our Internet Retail and Hospitality e-Business Advisory Service in developing an overall business strategy for your organization, from establishing an e-commerce web site or integration with your existing business that extends the reach of your enterprise to your employees, suppliers, business partners and customers.

We will help you assess e-business opportunities and develop the most effective action plan for your company.

As a Internet Architects we specialize in assisting management to strategize, plan and implement changes during their start-up or expansion phases.  

Adding Internet access to your company involves a great deal of planning, co-ordination across a variety of disciplines and most of all time and experience.

There are numerous web marketing, web design and other companies promoting their services on the Internet and many are very good at what they do.  But, they are generally specialists in specific technical areas rather than business management.  With our business backgrounds what we do is help you make sense of what is available.  We help you plan how the Internet can grow your company.

We can discuss and help make sense of how it will integrate and expand your current operation in your sales and marketing, general administration and customer service. 

The strategic planning and logistics of order fulfillment from production line through shipping and delivery are also part of our overall planning to ensure end to end implementation of your e-commerce operation.

In short, we are part of your team and will assist you in structuring your Internet expansion or strategic business plans.

If you would like to know more about how Global Millennia Marketing can assist your organization in developing new strategies, solutions and projects please.

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