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Category Management, B2B

General retailers have always succeeded by striking a carefully calibrated balance between offering a wide choice of goods and the opportunity cost of offering each additional category. 

But customers in the savvy new generation who shop both on and off-line have different expectations of Web-based retailing: they want greater depth of inventory as well as rich and relevant on-line product information.

By teaming up with an on-line category manager or wholesaler, IMScart retailers can look forward to increasing their revenue, with little corresponding increase in stock or fulfillment costs.

The beauty of such an arrangement with IMScart is that the brand of your website can remain pure: customers don’t know that you are using another company’s skills. Your site’s brand and appearance are maintained throughout; contact information, billing, and all other customer interfaces are completely integrated with the rest of your site.

Orders can be passed from your wholesaler's IMScart site directly to your website complete with full-automated inventory ordering and shipping.

You can also set up a parallel arrangement to your on-line category management, by setting up a "boutique" on your web site directly from a manufacturer using IMScart.

This approach, which generally goes under the banner of "syndicated stores," differs significantly from ordinary category management only in that customers know they are entering a part of the site controlled by the manufacturer’s brand rather than by you the host retailer.

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